Lack of focus kills your performance.
You can beat this.
We'll give you the tools.

Manage your focus at work with a garmin watch. Just as you'd do for sports tracking.

focus only on your task for 25mins

get up and take a break

see your performance and repeat

Measure your day with online stats

Why does this work?

During the day you are bombarded with distractions. Having a system allows you to handle them better.
It's easy to immerse into your tasks for 25 minutes at a time.
Having regular breaks is as important for your performance as being focused. WTL will reming you to stretch your legs.
The online stats will help you with keeping up the pace throughout the week.
Give it a try!

WorkTimeLogger is a simple interval timer paired with an accompanying service
It aims to make you more productive and focused by dividing your work into short intervals and separating the breaks.

It will let you quickly start a working interval, show the remaining time with a progress bar, and then try to make you get up from your computer.
Your stats are sent to where you can log in to check on your performance.

The app boils down to working in 25min intervals and really using breaks for resting. The two most important rules are:

  • focus 100% on your work during the working interval
  • take a break immediately after your timer goes off

If you don't have a bluetooth connection with your phone or the phone doesn't have internet connection,
the data will be stored and sent when the connection is available. Export can be disabled in the settings.

I'm hoping that since the app helps me with my work, it will help you as well.
But if you find anything that's not working correctly, or you have an idea how to make this app better, let me know your thoughts!